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A new way to look at the Bible

using Quick Verse for Windows

by Parsons Technology


By: Bill Brautigam


Parsons Technology has put together what has to be one of the most complete software collections available today to make studying your Bible. The base program for this is named Quick Verse. You can add many modules and/or Bible translation modules to make reading/studying the Bible a simple/quick process that can make the most difficult/complicated undertaking seem easy. Now that Quick Verse is available as a Windows program gathering and presenting information becomes easier than ever before. This is primarily due to Windows inherent dynamic data linking (DDL) and dynamic date exchanging (DDE) capabilities. This review will encompass Quick Verse, The Bible Atlas, Holman Bible Dictionary and Appointment Calendar featuring Word of the Day. Parsons offers other integrated modules available but not covered in this review. They are Bible Illustrator, Nave’s Topical Bible, The New Scofield Study Bible and the Hebrew and Greek Transliterated Bible. When ordering Quick Verse you can specify the Bible translation you require. If one translation is not enough you can order separate translation modules to incorporate into Quick Verse. Translations currently available are King James, New King James, Revised Standard, New Revised Standard, New Century, The Living Bible, New International Bible and New American Standard Bible.

Quick Verse and the Holman Bible Dictionary

When I was younger I did not even know what a Concordance was and when I got older I got a Bible with one in it. I treated this section like a software manual and never used it. With the Quick Verse’s search feature finding references to words or phrases in the Bible is a snap. The search function will even perform Boolean searches for maximum flexibility. If there is more than one version of the Bible loaded on the system you can pick and choose which one is loaded or compare two versions side by side. If there is a word you are not sure of the meaning as it relates to use in the Bible you can activate the Holman Bible Dictionary by either selecting it from the search pull-down menu or clicking on the dictionary icon (2 eyes) in the icon bar at the top of the screen. If there are passages you want to frequently refer to you can place a bookmark at the passage, a la windows. You can create notes in a special notes section which you can set up for other people as well. From time to time you might find it advisable to avail yourself of the pack notes feature which will conserve disk space without slowing down your use of the program. You can set up notes by topic rather than being verse specific and you can even copy text into your notes. The program is fully compatible with Windows and allows you access to the full range of windows functions. You can export notes to your favorite word processor, Word, Am iPro, Word Perfect and Write to name a few. The program supports DDE and whenever you update your notes your final document is automatically updated. The set-up for establishing this link is located in the options pull-down menu section. Once you have established a link you will be able to bring Quick Verse into your word processor whenever you have both programs running. The linking of data will hold true for information copied into the notes section from the Holman Bible Dictionary, even if you have attached separate notes to it prior to copying into notes. The Holman Dictionary provides accurate pronunciations of difficult words. It contains concise definitions of every person, place, thing and event in the Bible. Like Quick Verse it is fully editable for users to change, add, or delete any article or definition. It includes topical information occupations and animals as well as understandable articles on theological subjects. It also includes a Boolean search feature with savable searches. I am not a Bible scholar but this made reading and understanding the Bible a lot easier and pleasant than it has ever been before for me. I can see how this will be a great tool for anyone studying the Bible or teaching Sunday school.

The Bible Atlas

When installed the Bible Atlas adds an item to the search menu of Quick Verse. It is also capable of functioning as a free standing program. The module includes maps from biblical times as well as the same areas in modern times. Included with the maps are numerous text articles pertaining to: cities; regions; events; geography and miscellaneous matters. The user has the option of setting the type of articles to be displayed when performing a search function in the atlas module. Articles, as and when appropriate, are linked to other articles. The user has the option of copying articles, editing text to personalize the information and saving under another name or editing the original text and saving the changes. The text can be linked to a map or text/notes within Quick Verse. The user can modify existing maps, copy a portion of a map and save under another name and enter locations, symbols and notes to any map. Lines can be drawn to show routes and then measured in either kilometers or miles. Map tables can be added changed and deleted as the user desires. Colors, backgrounds, fonts and even map sizes can be altered to suit user preference. The atlas program, like Quick Verse, allows the user almost limitless customization possibilities for format and content of information. An index can be set up, bookmarks placed and search saved. Boolean searches are allowed by the program. Maps can be easily copied and pasted into text/notes in quick verse or right into the word processor of our choice. If you just like studying your Bible this module as a standalone program is worthy of your consideration.


Appointment Calendar for Windows
Featuring Word of the Day

This program like other offering from Parsons Technologies integrates with other programs, in this case it is with Address Book from Parsons. The program comes with default categories for appoint/event type that can be added to, changed or deleted. Like most calendar programs the user is given numerous options as to how information is displayed and what parameters are used to display information, e.g. time in twenty-four hours per day or A.M./P.M. I will not go into program features as it contains features that are commonly found in other programs of this nature. What is special about this program is that it will display and inspirational text on a daily basis if the user so desires. This feature is not the default selection of the install program and must be user selected after installation. The uniqueness of the program is that it allows you to install theme modules, in this case it is biblical. The program has over a half dozen study options to ensure you will complete your desired reading within a user specified period. You decide what books of the bible you want to study, how long you want to take to complete the program of study and appointment Calendar schedules your reading material to achieve you goals within the specified time period. Reading for the day is automatically shown on the screen on a daily basis. There is even a biblical oriented cartoon for each day of the year that can be displayed. The program will also select scriptural reading for each day of the year if the user so desires. If Quick Verse is installed on your system then the scriptural readings for the day will automatically called and Quick Verse started each day to complete the readings. The Biblical module can be deactivated and reactivated at any time by the user. This is the only appointment book that I am aware of that is theme oriented. Other theme modules available from Parsons are: Golf Digest - Tips and Techniques; On This Day In America; Christian Smiles (cartoons); B. C. and Wizard of Id.


If you want to read about available items not reviewed in this article just give us a call and let us know what your are interested in finding out about.


Our number is 804.463-6852


Included in the Review

Quick Verse - Revised Standard version MRSP: $49 4 stars

New American Standard version module MRSP: $29

New Revised Standard version modue MRSP: $29

The Bible Atlas MRSP: $49 4-1/2st

Holoman Bbible Dictionary MRSP: $29 3-1/2st

Appointment Calendar featuring Word of the Day MRSP: $29 3 stars


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